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Inoxriv Stainless Steel Tray

Made in Italy

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 19th October 2005
"Last Saturday Sharon and I did the rounds of the Antique
and Secondhand Shops in Cairns and on the Atherton Tablelands
Sharon saw a set of eleven "amber/depression glass" coffee cups
at a shop in Freshwater which she bought - and they happened to be on this tray
which was thrown in to the deal!!! - for the massive total of $10.00!!!
The whole lot was completely covered in dirt and dust,
but the tray cleaned up nicely as you can see in the photos below
PS - I did not take a pic of the coffee cups - because they are junk!!!"


length - 14.375 inches (365mm)
width - 11.500 inches (292mm)




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INOXRIV is one of the few companies able to produce, in its own factories, a full, wide range
of stainless steel houseware articles, from pressure cookers to tea spoons
Cookware - 5 million pieces per year
Cutlery - 30 million pieces per year
Trays - 3 million pieces per year

An email to the Company on Wednesday 19th October 2005


Hi from Australia

I am writing to ask for some information on one of your trays

My wife and I saw it in an Antique/Secondhand Store and really liked it
So we bought it!!!

The tray is 14-3/8 inches long (365mm) and 11-1/2 inches wide (292mm)
It is in very good condition, with just a few minor scratches and blemishes

I saw your Company's stamp on the bottom, and would like to know:-
1 - what year this was made???
2 - does it have a pattern name???
3 - what does the "18 / C" mean???
4 - any other relevant information you can give us???

I have looked through your web site, but could not find a similar tray

I have attached three photos:-
------the tray
------a close-up of the pattern, and
------the stamp on the bottom

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you