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Solid Copper Art Nouveau Gallery Tray

Made by Joseph Sankey and Sons

Made in England

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 26th October 2005
I bought this as a 'Surprise Present' for Sharon!!!
She has wanted 'a nice antique tray' for sometime
and in June this year we bought
this one - but it's not real good!!!
Then I saw the one below - a bit different in appearance, old,
with a bit of history - and the price was reasonable
I think she will like it!!!


- The Ebay Auction

Antique (circa 1910) "J S & S" Copper Art Nouveau Gallery Tray
This antique art nouveau copper tray with scalloped gallery and brass handles
was made in England by Joseph Sankey at the Wolverhampton factory
Under the base is inscribed "J.S & S" Made in England and Solid Copper
so we can date this piece to circa 1910
The item is as found with a nice patina on the copper and some wear marks
and fine scratches from having been used
Under the base it has four bun feet
Measurements - the tray, not including the handles, is 35cm long and 20cm wide
(13.750 x 7.875 inches)
Item location - Adelaide Hills Australia
This auction finished on Wednesday 26th October 2005
The starting price was set at $15.00 and during the auction there were six bids
Ours was the winner!!! - at $35.09 plus postage and insurance



(these photos were added on Thursday 17th May 2007)

This tray looks like it should have six feet
as can be seen from these photos, the maker's marks
are over the area where the foot would be soldered on!!!

Below are a few details on "Maker's Marks" that I found on the internet



When Sankeys started to produce art metalware is not known but it seems possible that they did so about 1890 when, according to the 19th century Bilston historian, Lawley, "the firm patented a new process for the decoration of tin plates, and during the last two years an entirely new branch has been added in the manufacture by this process of their patent 'Neptune Art Ware', comprising trays, waiters, candlesticks, bread baskets, &c., in various shapes and of different designs"

The art nouveau styles found on many pieces tends to confirm this as a likely date

Gregory Kolojeski has noted Sankey's registered designs from 1896 through to 1914

How long production continued after 1914 is not known but comparison with Beldray's production suggests that it might have continued into the 1930's

On the other hand, since the company history mentions that this department was turned over to the making of oil heater and cookers, and mentions it only in the context of the years after 1900, it may be that the department ceased art metalware production for war work in 1914 and may not have re-opened it

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More details on the Company
Products Manufactured
Maker's Marks


Sankey's Art Metalware
Products Manufactured
Maker's Marks


Maker's Marks


- Auctions for similar Trays

......for a price comparison!!!


Auction #01

This tray looks to be exactly the same as ours
With one exception!!!
And that is - the internal part of the pattern appears to be blue
Also, this tray does have six feet - but it is interesting to see
that the maker's marks are again very close to one of the centre feet


Lovely Copper Art Nouveau Butler's Tray
Lovely copper and brass Art Nouveau butler's tray by the well known English maker J. S. & S
The tray still retains it's original patina
It has lovely embossed Art Nouveau scroll work around the edge and ends
The tray sits on six delightful little brass bun feet
It measures 17 inches in length, including handles, and 8 inches wide, and is 1 inch high
This very unusual, original tray, would make a lovely piece of home decor,
or would be a fine addition to any collection of trays
Item location - Adelaide, South Australia Australia
This auction ended on Saturday 19th May 2007
The starting price was set at $9.95 and there were five bids during the auction
The final selling price was $11.60


Auction #02

Yes, I know ...... it's a completely different shape
but it's by the same manufacturer


J. S. & S. Art Nouveau Copper and Brass Tray
Circa 1900
This is a beautiful 108-year-old oval shaped tray with solid brass handles
Make - Joseph Sankey & Son of Bilston Birmingham UK
Stamped on reverse - Made in England J. S. & S. Solid Copper
The embossed design is of fruit (persimon?), stems and leaves
Condition overall is very good
There are very light scratches (6mm long) on the face of the tray
and three deeper ones (just 2mm long) on the back
There are a few light tarnish spots
plus one area (10mmx5mm) where the tarnish has caused spots of pitting to the surface
Measurements - 18 inches (45.5cm) long and 11.75 inches (29.5cm) wide and 2 inches (5cm) high
They don't make heavy gauge copper like this anymore!!
Item location - Anglesea, Victoria Australia
This auction ended on Thursday 24th April 2008
The starting price was set at $45.00 with a Buy-it-Now price of $60.00
There were no bids